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     Let's Get Cooking!

     "The more you know, the more you can create. There's no end to imagination in the kitchen." - Julia Child

    "Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up."  - Gordon Ramsay


    Welcome to Foods Class 2022-2023.  We will prepare foods from each category of MyPlate, but YOU get to choose which recipes to use! Of course food allergies and dietary restrictions will be taken into consideration.  Your grade will depend on your Class Behavior (20%), Class Participation (20%), Quizzes (20%), Cooking Days (20%), Final Assessment (10%), and an Advertising Project (10%) that you'll learn more about in the trimester.

        Your grade on a cooking day will NEVER be based on how your recipe turned out in the end! By the end of the trimester you will have prepared recipes, learned about Food Safety and Personal Hygiene in the Kitchen, practiced changing a recipe and using measuring equivalents, explored careers in the Food Industry, and, hopefully, used some fresh-grown foods from the J.P. Case Garden (Consider joining the Garden Club-I'm the advisor and would love to have you aboard).  You should come away with a better understanding of the importance of eating a variety of foods to maintain and improve your overall health. Can't wait to meet you!



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