• Incoming 5th Grade Families:
    Welcome to the RFIS Music Program!


    By the end of April, each 4th grade student in the district will view a demonstration video about opportunities to play an instrument and sing at RFIS!

    At our school, we believe:

    • Being part of the music program is fun - music brings joy!
    • Learning an instrument and singing instills life skills like self-awareness, discipline, cooperation, responsibility, and pride in hard work.
    • Being part of the music program creates camaraderie and friendship.
    • Being part of the music program requires commitment and helps students discover their own ability to persevere through hardships. NOTE: Once registrations are submitted, changes to students’ music schedules will not be considered until after the first concert in January.

    The program at a glance: 

    • Lessons Take Place During the Excel Block.

    • Students Do Not Miss Academic Classes to Meet for Lessons or Rehearsals.

    • Students Who Are in Stretch Will Be Assigned to a Lesson That Works with Their Stretch Schedule. 

    • Students Are Assigned 1 Cycle Day for a Small Group Lesson and 1 Cycle Day for a Large Ensemble Rehearsal.

    4th grade parents recently received a message via school messenger containing a Google Classroom Code to join our RFIS Music Registration Google Classroom.  This Google Classroom contains all of the information and documents students and their families need to learn about our program. It also contains the instructions to register for our program via the Genesis Parent Portal. 

    Registration Deadline: Friday, April 28, 2023

    Mrs. Susie Sullivan, Orchestra Director

    Mrs. Jodi Weitz, Band Director

    Ms. Aileen Marsh, General Music/Chorus

    Mr. Thomas Amoriello, General Music/Guitar


    Where to Rent My Child's Instrument:

    Where To Rent An Instrument

    ¿Dónde puedo alquilar el instrumento de mi hijo?


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions (English)

    RFIS Música: Preguntas Frecuentes


    Which Instrument Is Which?

    Instrument Photos/Names

    ¡Asegúrese de que se está registrando en el instrumento correcto!

Last Modified on July 20, 2023